“I have the unique honor of holding leadership roles in two separate organizations. I feel an incredible responsibility to both, however, the workload became overwhelming.

It became clear that God was calling me to focus on one organization. I felt a sense of commitment to the other where I've held an executive leadership role for three years and a commitment to the CEO whom I regard as a friend. Nevertheless, I worked through the frameworks and found myself empowered to walk in obedience and ultimately positioned to confront the perfectionism that had me bound. I struggle with being perceived as incapable. As a result, I often found myself burning the proverbial candle at both ends in pursuit of competence and therefore "value." I am still allowing God's love to heal me, however, the frameworks permitted me to deepen my understanding of the counterproductive nature of this mindset.  Finally, I had a very vulnerable conversation with my CEO. In the end, he allowed me the time away that I need to focus on the other organization, with a part-time schedule which is utterly not germane to my industry.“

Tracy Mathews