“I’ve had many a-ha moments through The Call to Work, but I believe the most impactful one was a situation with a gas station attendant.

Before my TC2W session, I didn’t think the relationship was of any value or importance. I knew my interaction with the person bothered me enough to not want to go to that gas station anymore, but I still didn’t think it was a big deal. After bringing it up in session, not only did I find many judgements in my own heart, but I also noticed the stress that the interactions caused. When we started talking about what God may want out of the situation, we discovered how His love and healing could be displayed in my personal life, in every interaction with this stranger (if I would answer the call), and how it could impact my community and the Kingdom alike. It doesn’t matter if it’s a close relative, co-worker or stranger, every one of our interactions with others matter! God wants all of our brokenness to be healed and if I decide to be intentional in my daily interactions with people, I come alongside Him in that purpose and His glory is revealed. My big a-ha was that I don’t have to look to necessarily make a BIG impact for the Kingdom, but purposeful impact in my daily interaction with others. These are the front lines of the Kingdom!”

Tracy Mathews