"A big part of my role is in sales - looking to sell my products to other organizations. I've been using TC2W lenses to help me prepare for meetings...

…and it's really changed the way I approach potential customers. Before TC2W, I would usually do some homework on the customer, looking for ways to help them connect with and see the value of our products. I would rehearse the various arguments that I thought might help to convince them to buy our products.

Now, I approach potential customers much more relationally - looking mostly to get to know the customer, and to better understand their context, their views of the world and what changes they'd like to see at their organization. Only when I sense that our product might further them towards the goals they've already expressed do I look to share more. And even then, I'm not trying to convince them of anything. I'm simply sharing information that I think might be helpful to them - including information unrelated to our product. I do more listening and less talking now. I am better at connecting with people, and setting the stage for longer term relationships vs. transactions. I more commonly see my work as a way to bless customers vs. seeing them just as the means toward growing my business. God has grown my love and care for potential customers, and I am grateful. I'm guessing my potential customers are too.”

Tracy Mathews