“When I started The Call to Work, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't have any "big" problems at work. To my surprise, I found Jesus' love waiting to meet me in powerful ways...

...even in concerns about work that I assumed were too minor to bring to him. For example, I was feeling frustrated with one of my organization’s vendors, a contract company we have worked with for several years. The timeline on a recent project had been derailed by mistakes made by the vendor. I was feeling impatient with these delays and even starting to wonder if it was time to end our relationship with this person. Could I continue trusting her to do good work? 

Through The Call to Work, God showed me that the real issue underlying my frustration and impatience was fear. My identity felt threatened. Fear of failure and fear of looking bad to others drove me to blame and distrust this person. It’s true that she had made mistakes, but my fear was narrowing my perspective on the situation. Instead of envisioning solutions and potential positive outcomes – outcomes where God’s grace could overflow even in the midst of others’ mistakes or things out of my control – the fear clouded my mind with negative possibilities, fueling feelings of frustration and impatience. During The Call to Work, God invited me to give Him my fear and rest in His peace, to trust His grace to be at work in this project, even when it wasn’t going as planned. Without the cloud of fear, I knew that I could forgive the vendor – who had done plenty of good work over the years – for her mistakes. Most importantly, Jesus replaced my sense of fear with a sense of love. He reminded me that my identity is not in others’ opinions of my work or success. Instead, I am found in God’s love.

Now, when I encounter similar situations that trigger impatience and frustration, I have the opportunity to practice remembering God’s love and changing my old habit  of reacting out of fear." 

Tracy Mathews