“I have a friend. She has a 29 year old son. She let him use her credit card once...

...But daily these Uber charges were popping up, which put her account in the negative. She brought it to his attention. He said it was an accident - that he pushed the wrong button on his phone. Her other issue is that they are not close, but are just starting to get close.  Because of The Call to Work, I have learned not to solve her problems for her, but be a loving presence. I am prayerful too.

She wants to get close to him. By showing her the Key Relationships Lens, she herself came to the conclusion to change her credit card number. She then told him that he is more important than the money. If he can't pay it back that's alright. It is more important for her to be in communication with her son. She loves him." 

Tracy Mathews