Catalyzing a vision for following Jesus in all of life.
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Meet Tracy

Executive Director

Prior to The Call to Work, Tracy Mathews spent eight years leading strategy and business development for Coskata, Inc., an early-stage industrial biotech company with significant investment from Blackstone, Total, Khosla Ventures and others.  

Joining the company soon after it was formed, Tracy played a major role in the identification of key market opportunities and the development of the company’s business model, product offering, go-to-market strategy and strategic partnerships.  

Tracy last held the position of VP of Business Development for Coskata, and has also held positions at McKinsey & Company as well as the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

She holds a BS in Paper Science and Engineering from the University of Washington, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Tracy has been leading the development of The Call to Work since March of 2016, and says of her experience:

Since coming on board with The Call to Work, God has done so much to grow and transform me through my daily work. I now understand that no matter what I’m doing, whether it’s strategic planning or cleaning up the kitchen, God is with me in that situation, and he has good purpose and guidance for me in it.  Through the tools and principles I’m learning through The Call to Work, I am experiencing more of God’s presence and more fullness of life than I ever thought possible in this life. And I can truly say I am a better worker – a better leader, a better entrepreneur, a better mother, a better wife and friend – than I was when I started with this project.  God is so good to give me first-hand experience with the “bigger, all of life, fullness of life vision of following Jesus” that we endeavor to catalyze for others!
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Alistair Mackenzie

Teaching Fellow at Laidlaw College, Theology of Work Project

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greg forster

Director of the Oikonomia Network at Trinity International

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HELEN Mitchell

Director of the Talbot Center for Faith, Work & Economics

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Hugh welchel

Executive Director of the Institute of Faith, Work & Economics

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Lisa slayton

CEO, Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation

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Luke bobo

Director of Resource and Curriculum Development for Made to Flourish (MTF)

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Mark Roberts

Executive Director, the De Pree Center at Fuller Seminary, Theology of Work Project

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Michael Langer

Ministry to State, Associate Director of D.C. Ministry

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Terry Timm

Pastor, City Network Leader for MTF, Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation

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William Messenger

Executive Editor of the Theology of Work Project