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Building up the church

The Call to Work works with advocates within a local church to identify, engage and equip a team of primarily non-staff leaders within the church to facilitate a transformative Course experience. Then, The Call to Work continues to walk alongside these leaders as they in turn identify, engage and equip additional spiritual growth leaders for their church.

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The Advocate identifies and engages a Champion

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The Champion identifies and engages 4-20 potential leaders (ideally done with input from senior church leadership). Potential leaders participate in the Course, led by a rep from TC2W, progressing at their discretion:

  • One session Taste

  • Four session Foundations Module

  • Six session Practice Module

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The Director works with TC2W’s rep and Champion(s) to determine and carry out next steps, including developing the Leadership Team

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The Leadership Team receives training and support to facilitate new Course(s) for others, including:

  • Identifying, engaging and equipping new potential leaders

  • Dialoguing with pastor/other church leadership for guidance and to share insights and experiences

The Leadership Team consists of the Champion(s), Directors(s), and any other Facilitators.


Suggested Roles


The Advocate:

A church member who desires to bring The Call to Work to his or her church.


The champion:

A trusted church leader who knows the inner workings of the church and has influence (staff member, elder, ministry leader, etc.). Responsibilities include identifying, engaging and guiding leaders, especially the Director(s), advocating for the Program, and maintaining a communication channel with church leadership


The Director

A church leader that is known and trusted by a Champion. Carries overall responsibility to form the leadership team, facilitate the program and make recommendations on next steps


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Church members who have gone through The Call to Work Course and have been trained to facilitate the Course and/or on-going small groups




The Call to Work Course seeks to catalyze a fresh wave of spiritual growth for participants. As participants go through the Course, we identify high potential leaders – those who are experiencing significant, tangible spiritual growth through The Call to Work, such that they are in a position to ask and motivate others to “follow me as I follow Christ.”

We seek to engage these high potential leaders by inviting them to lead their own groups through The Call to Work Course. We provide the training and materials to equip the leaders to facilitate a powerful Course experience. We also build in experiences and feedback loops to help the leaders get to know those they are leading, and to learn how to better foster spiritual growth. As leaders grow in their understanding of The Call to Work tools and principles, and as they better understand the specific needs of their local context, we encourage them to innovate and experiment with the specifics of the program, in order to cultivate an even more powerful experience for those they look to serve.

Throughout it all, each leader has a coach focused mainly on their own spiritual growth – such that each leader continues to be awake and leaning in to the work God is doing in them through The Call to Work.