Chris R.

“The Call to Work is a highly nuanced, life-changing curriculum that empowers each participant to consider the implications of a fully integrated life. TC2W has rich material for the learner to consider, though its most significant value lies in its focus on practicing the lenses in real-life situations allowing new habits to form resulting in more consistent Christlike behavior. As I reflect on my life before and after TC2W, I am amazed at how much more relaxed I am now. I can perform my work and interact with my family more methodically whereas before I was more stressed and anxious. I believe this is at least partially due to the reminders of my identity as in Christ and not based on anything I can do. TC2W has whet an appetite to learn more about spiritual practices and to develop a daily pattern of practicing His presence. I have already experienced the benefits and desire them to continue into the future.”

Brooke Grissom