Kyla S.

“I took The Call to Work Course and boy was it a blessing! I consider myself a serious Christian who was brought up in the church my entire life and feel that I love God and he loves me and I attend church, so I'm good. TC2W showed me that being a Christian was so much deeper than that. I learned that God invites me to be a part of furthering his Kingdom and wants me to see situations and relationships how he sees them, not how Kyla sees them. I am to be his hands and feet and to show others his love through my actions. I would definitely recommend TC2W Course for anyone who wants to deepen your relationship with God and really start to experience him in your life.”

Brooke Grissom

Eva M.

“The Call to Work has helped me evaluate everyday circumstances and see where God is at work. Working in healthcare, I’ve had the privilege to listen to the needs of patients and realize that the needs go beyond physical…Viewing work through TC2W’s lenses and frameworks, I’ve now grown in confidence to serve people who are broken physically and spiritually. I recommend this training to every believer who desires to intentionally integrate their faith at work!”

Brooke Grissom

Chris R.

“The Call to Work is a highly nuanced, life-changing curriculum that empowers each participant to consider the implications of a fully integrated life. TC2W has rich material for the learner to consider, though its most significant value lies in its focus on practicing the lenses in real-life situations allowing new habits to form resulting in more consistent Christlike behavior. As I reflect on my life before and after TC2W, I am amazed at how much more relaxed I am now. I can perform my work and interact with my family more methodically whereas before I was more stressed and anxious. I believe this is at least partially due to the reminders of my identity as in Christ and not based on anything I can do. TC2W has whet an appetite to learn more about spiritual practices and to develop a daily pattern of practicing His presence. I have already experienced the benefits and desire them to continue into the future.”

Brooke Grissom

Ohi A.

“I definitely recommend The Call to Work Course to people as it offers a forum for Christians to discuss challenges and issues that they face in their work lives. The group offers the tools required to deal with such issues/challenges without compromising Christian ideals. So if you are a Christian wondering how to navigate the challenges of a secular work environment, TC2W groups are a good place to be as they will give you the tools required to be a successful Christian worker in a secular work environment.

Brooke Grissom