Catalyzing a vision for following Jesus in all of life.
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Helping churches equip for faith and work integration

A course that helps people attune to god’s presence and guidance in their hour by hour of work and life


Work is important.

For most people, work is often hard, stressful and/or unfulfilling. Most of us want help. God has so much to offer us in our daily, hour-by-hour work situations – purpose, wisdom, peace, joy and power - yet most of us don’t know how to integrate our faith into what we do every day.


Following Jesus is for all of life.

We tend to focus our church-based efforts on equipping people to live as followers of Jesus in the church and in their families.  We often do not prepare people in a similar way to follow Jesus in their workplace, yet work typically takes up their largest share of waking hours, and is one of their greatest arenas of character formation and outward influence.

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is a workshop-based experience teaching participants to integrate their faith into their daily, hour-by-hour work situations. The Course catalyzes spiritual growth and transformation as participants leverage the truth of Scripture to help them respond well to the current challenges that keep them up at night.


Churches We Work With

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